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Experienced interior designer, Oghenemineh Daisy Okwa, established Design by Daisy in 2012 to provide clients with a creative and professional interior design service in Nigeria.

Daisy, a graduate of London’s prestigious KLC School of Design in Chelsea, has honed her skills working on a variety of complex interior design projects for both private and corporate clients in Nigeria and in the UK. Our brand’s reputation has been built on visionary design concepts and a talent for creating modern contemporary and Instagram-worthy spaces.

Our gift for inspiring and refining client tastes and working to create interiors that exceed expectations, without exceeding budgets or timeframes, sets us apart. We offer a range of services including home renovation design, kitchen and bathroom design, commercial interior design, and residential interior design.

All individuals on our team of talented designers are highly creative, but most importantly, friendly and approachable. We understand that interior design is a collaborative effort between designer and client and that no scheme is truly successful unless our client is thrilled with the outcome. We also offer colour palette consultation, space planning, and custom furniture design services


Curate together with our clients, a design experience that seamlessly blends aesthetics, functionality, and innovation, suited to their unique needs.


Revolutionize the global marketplace with cutting-edge luxury interior design, delivering innovative solutions that are coveted, enduring, and renowned.

Our comprehensive design service incorporates all aspects of interior architecture, lighting design, spatial planning, procurement, build and decoration. Our attention to detail in design is carried through to meticulous project co-ordination and breath-taking results. With our established network of trusted specialists, high quality workmanship is guaranteed on every project.

Our Values

Creativity & Innovation

Quality & Excellence

Client-Centric approach

Transparency & Honesty

Aesthetics & Functionality

Daisy Okwa

Daisy Okwa

CEO / Founder

An experienced interior designer, founded Design by Daisy with the aim of delivering creative and professional interior design services to clients. Daisy received her education at the esteemed KLC School of Design in Chelsea, London, and gained valuable expertise by working on a diverse range of intricate interior design projects for private and corporate clients in Nigeria and the UK.

Daisy has earned a reputation for her visionary design concepts and the ability to create contemporary and aesthetically pleasing spaces that are Instagram-worthy. Under her expertise, Design by Daisy has shown that it’s unique talent lies in inspiring and refining client preferences, working diligently to exceed expectations while staying within budget and time constraints.

Blessing Morah

Blessing Morah

Managing Partner / Project Director

Blessing Morah is a seasoned professional in project management, currently serving as the Managing Partner and Project Director at Design by Daisy. 

Armed with an MBA from a prestigious Canadian University and an array of strategic and project management certifications, Blessing embodies a passion for continuous growth and an unwavering commitment to her core values of excellence and service. 

Certified as a Project Management Professional by the Project Management Institute, she remains firmly focused on driving excellent growth, fostering innovation, and delivering exceptional service, solidifying her status as a dynamic and influential figure within the organization and the wider professional community.

Tejiri Umunadi

Tejiri Umunadi

Project Design Manager

Tejiri Umunadi, a talented 3D designer at Design by Daisy, brings a rich academic background and practical expertise to the world of architectural visualization. Armed with a Bachelor’s degree in Architecture and a Higher National Diploma (HND) in Architecture Technology, Tejiri exemplifies a holistic approach to design.

As a key Design by Daisy team member, Tejiri’s passion for design is translated into visually stunning 3D renderings and models. With a focus on creating immersive and aesthetically pleasing spaces, Tejiri’s work contributes significantly to the innovative and sophisticated designs produced by Design by Daisy.

Tejiri Umunadi-Design by Daisy

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