Bloom Hair Salon

This project involved the redesign and furnishing of the salon. We accomplished this by supplying furniture, wall art, and accessories to enhance the space.

Project Guzape

A blend of modern and classic design elements was skill-fully integrated to achieve remarkable results that left the client delighted. This extensive residential project encompassed four sitting rooms, featuring themes of cream and brown, and included various spaces such as bedrooms and a home theatre.

Project 1004

The project’s objective was to create a welcoming and cozy atmosphere in a short-term rental apartment, providing every visitor with a genuine “home away from home” experience through thoughtful design and furnishings.

Project South Port Habour

In this 3-bedroom apartment, we seamlessly merged modern and classic aesthetics to create a design and furnishing that surpassed the client’s expectations.

Project Kayla’s Haven

Home is where the heart is.” We channelled this sentiment in our approach to designing and furnishing this 3-bedroom house, with the aim of creating a place our client would always relish coming back to.

Project Oniru

Luxurious walk-in wardrobes and nursery design and furnishing that incorporated tones to suit the users.

The Tea Room

Originally a residential building, this charming café has now become a stunning, Instagram-worthy destination. Through extensive remodeling, we removed a significant portion of internal walls and updated the flooring with new tiles. Our primary objective was to fashion an exquisite and glamorous environment where every nook exudes picture-perfect allure. Notably, our client, a florist, envisioned […]

Project Ikoyi

The Project was a 4-bedroom penthouse with a full interior design and furnishing overhaul. We initiated a comprehensive transformation of the existing areas, incorporating distinctive furniture, lighting fixtures, wall art, and accessories.

Project Banana

Design and furnishing of a four-bedroom duplex situated in Lamb Court, Banana Island, Ikoyi. The wall art and decorative pieces harmonized the overall aesthetics of the space.

Project Libreville

In this three-bedroom project, we incorporated a color palette greys and blue tones, complemented by modern lighting fixtures and fittings to infuse a soothing ambiance into the house.

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