Bloom Hair Salon

This project involved the redesign and furnishing of the salon. We accomplished this by supplying furniture, wall art, and accessories to enhance the space.

The Tea Room

Originally a residential building, this charming café has now become a stunning, Instagram-worthy destination. Through extensive remodeling, we removed a significant portion of internal walls and updated the flooring with new tiles. Our primary objective was to fashion an exquisite and glamorous environment where every nook exudes picture-perfect allure. Notably, our client, a florist, envisioned […]

ABI Logistics

A comprehensive renovation of the existing office space to enhance the overall work environment and address practical concerns related to stage management and traffic flow.

Eko Development Company

This was a redesign and furnishing of the CEO’s office. We transformed the space into a dynamic environment by introducing vibrant colours and a touch of whimsy. This was accomplished through the incorporation of lively art and strategically placed accent colours.

Azuri Towers

This project involved the creation of a modern, contemporary office lobby and office spaces for a luxurious 37-floor office tower situated in Eko Atlantic City. We maximized ceiling heights throughout the space to craft a stunning interior with rich depth and distinctive character.

Café Jade

This was a full renovation/conversion project. the property was initially a 4 bedroom residential property and we were tasked with converting it into a commercial space to be used as a cafe/lounge. Creating three distinct space a bar, cafe, and a bistro. We took out all the internal nonstructural walls on the ground floor to […]


The brief was to recreate the serene and picturesque Greek island of Mykonos on this roof terrace. We stuck with a color scheme of blues and whites in line with our Mykonos theme. We added lots of interest and layered our color palette using striped cushions and a patterned tile. We created a beautiful bottled […]

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